Thursday, December 5, 2013

Square One: What the hell am I doing with this blog, anyway?

 I registered this blog months ago after encouragement by my gentleman, who was doubtless exhausted by my daily mealtime over-analysis of whatever movie or episode of TV we had watched the previous evening. Despite his protests, I think he just wanted me to find another damn outlet for my pointless rambling, and honestly, who could blame him? A few months ago, I think I talked about nothing but Breaking Bad for four days straight. He deserves a trophy for putting up with this shit.

I made this blog, and I thought and thought and thought, and...nothing. I'm an irrevocably unbalanced critic (for two reasons that will be explained later), and more importantly, I don't think there is much innovative writing I can present to the internet on contemporary pop culture that hasn't already been pointed out ad nauseum on countless other corners of the Internet. Why add my voice to the already overstuffed choir?

Recently, though, I've realized a key component of blogs, especially pop culture ones, that I had never truly considered before: by definition, always, even if they protest otherwise, every single one is pure narcissism. This is obvious and self-evident, sure, but this notion made my own blog promising once more. I had an idea.

I love discussing movies and television and literature and music and comics and every media under the sun.

Another thing about me: I'm not really great about opening up. Pop culture is the Great Deflector of personal and probing queries. Oh, you asked about my childhood? I'll give you...a Fast Times reference!

(for the record: either "Wait a minute, there's no birthday party for me here!" or "That kid's been stoned since the third grade," depending on who's asking)

And since pop culture tends to be linked in my head with momentous or personal life events, voila! I can have blogs that are part storytelling, part discussion of my interest, all narcissism! What's not to love?

Why would anyone but myself ever have an interest in this? I have no idea. I don't care. Exactly one other person knows of this blog's existence. It can stay that way; I don't really mind. Call it web therapy, or more creatively, call it a demented journey through the convoluted links in my brain.

That's not really catchy, either. Fuck it. Here we go.